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a letter to a friend

Dearest L
I have been meaning to write for some time, but Ive been busy with all the things left undone. I don’t seem to be good at figuring out the priorities of my life. Dont let anyone tell you that you can have it all. Because you can’t. Start everyday with a list of priorities and beware what you really care in your life, you will feel much better and a whole lot less guilty.
Anyway, I got your message about him. He is a lovely guy and certainly worth your time, but when things are not working out, it’s important to learn from your mistakes and move on. So that when The One comes along, you will be right there, all grown up.
Now why is that gorgeous dress sill hanging in your wardrobe unworn? It’s time to use your good things L. I know you are waiting for that special night, but you mustn’t put off wearing it. Or that necklace your Ma gave you. Life really is just a series of moments and it is going to go faster than you could ever imagine. That dress looks beautiful on you – dress up and take it out dancing. Tonight!
Before I go back to your future, I just want to let you know one last thing. There will never be a right time to take that trip, to spend time with your loved ones, to start a career. That is the best and worst thing about this adventue we call life. It’s the uncertainity makes life interesting, so don’t burden yourself with the decisions you made. Trust the ones you love and those who love you back, somehow you will muddle your way through.
Heaps of love,
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